CWA 3611, Raleigh, NC
Communications Workers of America
4915 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 295, Raleigh, NC 27606
Telephone (919) 851-3611
CWA is the bargaining representative for:
--AT&T -- AT&T Mobility -- Avaya -- AT&T Advertising & Publishing
--AT&T Utility Operations -- Printing, Publishing and Media Workers
What's Happening Now:
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
7:30 pm

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Welcome New Members!

Many AT&T new hires have not yet received a copy of the Working Agreement. The document is available online by clicking one of the links below.
AT&T SE 2nd
Qtr 2014 Surplus
Click the button for a link to the 2nd Quarter Surplus.
(The U-Verse section begins on page 323.)
Attention Mobility Members!!
CWA members voted TO RATIFY
the AT&T Mobility Contract

The AT&T Mobility Bargaining Team:

--- Mahalia Corley, CSR, Local 3680, NC
--- Amanda Gibson, CSR, Local 3212, GA
--- Kelvin Banks, CSS, Local 3511, MS
--- Timothy Bigby, RSC, Local 3710, SC

--- Andrell Hubbard, Telesales Rep, AL
--- Jake Hartwell, Business CSS, NC
--- Michael Williams, Wireless Tech, MS

--- Paul Klaebel, Warehouse, TN
--- Joseph Hunsicker, RSC, LA
--- Melody Piper, RSC, GA
--- Mike Yoakem, CSR, KY
--- Anne Ruggireo, CSR, FL

At the Union Hall
4915 Waters Edge Drive
AT&T SE Second Quarter 2014 Seniority Tie Breaker List for
North Carolina
(List is sorted by Exchange, Title & Seniority Date)