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Communications Workers of America
4915 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 295, Raleigh, NC 27606
Telephone (919) 851-3611
CWA is the bargaining representative for:
--AT&T -- AT&T Mobility -- Avaya -- AT&T Advertising & Publishing
--AT&T Utility Operations -- Printing, Publishing and Media Workers
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015
7:30 pm

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Welcome New Members!

Many AT&T new hires have not yet received a copy of the Working Agreement. The document is available online by clicking one of the links below.
(The U-Verse section begins on page 323.)
The AT&T Southeast Contact Expires This Summer.
NOW is the time to prepare.

NOW is the time to be thinking of bargaining suggestions - what must be changed in the next contract?

NOW is the time to become a STRONGER Union!

At the Union Hall
4915 Waters Edge Drive
AT&T SE Third Quarter 2014 Seniority Tie Breaker List for
North Carolina
(List is sorted by Exchange, Title & Seniority Date)

Delegates Elected for District 3 Meeting in March
Nominations were taken at the January 13, 2015 meeting for one Delegate and one Alternate to represent Local 3611 at the District 3 Meeting in March. William Burton was nominated as Delegate and Jamie Centers was nominated as Alternate. Both were unopposed, and the membership present at the meeting voted to elect each nominee by acclamation. As President of the Local, Paul Jones serves as an Ex Officio Delegate representing 3611.

In Memoriam
P. R. Latta
2015 AT&T Southeast Bargaining Suggestion Form Now Available
Complete the form and submit it to the Local
AT&T SE 1st Quarter 2015 Surplus
North Carolina
Bargaining Survey Responses Needed!

The Local will soon be distributing bargaining surveys to the membership through Mobilization. Your building coordinator or Job Steward will provide you with the materials, and we strongly encourage you to complete and return the information to make your voice heard. This information, along with Bargaining Suggestions received, will help the Bargaining Team set their priorities for the upcoming ATT SE contract negotiations.
District and National Elections Update
Larry Cohen, President of CWA, has announced that he will not be running for re-election in the upcoming elections. Secretary/Treasurer Annie Hill has announced that she will be running for re-election. Find more information on her campaign at

Chris Shelton, VP of District 1, has announced his candidacy for CWA President. He is running on a slate with Sara Steffens, who is seeking the office of Secretary-Treasurer. Find more information on their campaign at

Richard Honeycutt, Local President of the Gastonia, NC Local, has recently announced his candidacy for Vice President of District 3. Find more information on his campaign at